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Study Guides for the Florida Recruit  -  This is the same material taught in every academy in the state  -  We help you study, not cheat!

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What we offer | 2013.07 and 2014.07 Curriculum

The Florida curriculum (2013.07) consists of law enforcement and high liability training.  The law enforcement curriculum has 11 chapters, the high liability 6 chapters.  The Florida curriculum (2014.07) consists of Law Enforcement and High LIability training.  The Law Enforcement Curriculum consists of 12 chapters, the High Liability 6 Chapters.  In total you will spend 770 hours training to become a law enforcement officer.  Our site will help you pass your block and state certifications exams.  “We help you pass - not cheat” The benefits of subscribing  are: - Over 4600 questions completely randomized so you never take the same test twice. - Each chapter has its own downloadable chapter text, and chapter reviews - Every chapter or block exam has 6 “glossary games” to help you master your vocabulary.  There are crossword puzzles, flashcards, fill in the blanks, Pick a letter (similar to hangman), glossary, and matching.

How our tests are structured:

Each chapter (section) has multiple practice exams.  Each practice exam is 24 questions in length.  There are also several chapter reviews, each 50 questions in length.  Every time you click on an exam, the test randomizes so that you are ensured to never take the same test twice.  Our state exam practice tests are structured similar to the real exam.  The difference is that we have true/false, matching and sequencing questions in addition to the standard multiple choice options.  The actual exam only has multiple choice.  Our belief is that changing how you study the information, will give you the greatest benefit for retention when you sit for the state exam.