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Before contacting us about a website or technical issue, please read through the FAQs.

Most common issues can be addressed and fixed by what you find here on this page.

Absolutely, each chapter or section has it’s own chapter text that you can download and use during each block of

examination. We also have what we like to refer to as glossary games for each chapter. You will find that there are a

total of 6 games to help you learn your glossary for that chapter. There are crossword puzzles, flashcards, fill in the

blanks, Pick a letter (similar to hangman), glossary, and matching. We dont have audio for any of the chapter texts yet,

but we are researching and plan on making this happen when the right program is found.

Yes we do! Our tests are structured similar to the real exam. The difference is that we have true/false, matching and

sequencing questions in addition to the standard multiple choice options. The actual exam only has multiple choice.

Our belief is that changing up how you study the information, will give you the greatest benefit for retention when you

sit for the state exam.

Each chapter (section) has multiple practice exams. Each practice exam is 24 questions in length. There are also

several chapter reviews, each being 50 questions in length. Every time you click on an exam, the test randomizes so

that you are ensured to never take the same test twice. Most of the chapter sections have Jeopardy games that

instructors can use in the classroom for reviews. There are also glossary games, six in total to help you retain the

vocabulary each chapter contains. Each section has its own chapter text, and chapter objectives. Everything combined

will give you the best chances to help you pass your block exams, and ultimately the state certification exam.

There are over 10,000 questions in the law enforcement studyguides, and over 5000 questions in the corrections

studyguides, in total we offer over 15,000 questions. This is an accumulation of all chapters in the law enforcement

and corrections curriculum, and all chapters in the high liability curriculum. When you get ready for your state exam,

the state exam review section has every question on the site.

Every question on the site is in the state exam pool. There are are a total of (50) 200 question practice exams. Each

exam is randomized so that you are guaranteed to never take the same test twice. With over 10,000 questions in the

pool for law enforcement and 5000 for corrections, passing your SOCE is just a subscription away.

Yes you can. Our exams are not flash based, so that means you can access them from any browser or smart phone. We

dont recommend using your smart phone because its harder to see the tests. However the Ipad and Ipad mini work

perfectly fine.

When you pay via E-Check, PayPal takes about 3 days to process. Think of this just like using a check at the bank.

But in this case, access will not be granted (or receive the merchandise) until the E-check clears. When the E-Check

clears, the system will automatically activate your account and you will be able to login.

Login to the website. Upon doing this you will be taken to your profile page. Follow these steps:

Click “Edit My Profile”

At the bottom of your profile, locate the promo box and enter the promo code

Click “Update Information” Then click on “My Account”

Click “Renew Your Subscription”

Once you have done that, you will see the promo code discount reflected in the subscription plan prices.

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